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Treatments & Services

I offer a broad range of treatments, working on what you are needing on the day of your appointment- whether it is massage, Reiki, reflexology or a combination of treatments

Psychology Patient

Holistic Counselling

Initial Consult 90/120 mins $130

Follow-up 60/90 mins $110

Holistic Counselling focuses on the whole person encompassing the mind, body and spirit and aims to empower you to discover your inner wisdom, healing and strength.

Massage 1.webp


30 minutes and up 

30min-$50, 1hr-$90, 1.5hr-$130

The treatment caters to what is needed for you and your body- from relaxation to deep tissue, pregnancy massage. Warm rocks included in treatments


Vega Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)

30 minutes · $65

Trapped toxins are loosened and removed from body tissue, the immune system is stimulated and the body’s own healing ability to regenerate damaged tissue is enhanced.

Reflexology Therapy


30 minutes and up 

30min-$50, 1hr-$90


Reflexology treatments work different areas of the feet that reflect difference parts of the body. The relaxing massage uses reflexology points to promote relaxation whilst increasing your energy and blood flow.  Reflexology is known to have many health benefits.


30 minutes and up 

30min-$45, 1hr-$80

Reiki is a gentle hands on energy healing, wonderful for emotional and physical ailments, clearing blockages and stimulating your own healing abilities, giving you clarity and a sense of peace. If you are interested in learning Reiki, I run workshops throughout the year- please contact me to find out details

Reiki Treatment
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